Becoming an advocate or the strength I found by speaking the f#ck up –   

How I became lymphedema dude Joshua. I never set out to become a voice of advocacy for lymphedema suffers I simply wanted to connect with other LE patients. In 2015 Unable to find actual support groups in my area I took to social media to search for groups where I could connect with others. I found one a large Facebook group it was fine for awhile.

Over time I noticed that this group wasn’t the most positive. I would make positive posts and encouraging comments on others post, first this seemed ok over all was receiving some support. Over time, however I started to get negative feedback. My attempts at bringing a positive view of living with lymphedema moreover, was being met with instances of hostility. I started feeling as though my voice not only didn’t matter, but was unwanted in this group.

Consequently wanted to find a more positive one. I believed there had to be others that wanted not to just live with LE but thrive. One day as I was scrolling through posts I came upon a post about a new group starting. The name caught my eye it was called “lymphie strong group” it was started my a wonderful woman who I now consider a friend. I really don’t believe in fate, I do however think I was little more than a coincidence I just happen to see that post. I quickly joined this group to find that it was overwhelmingly positive these wonderful individuals in this group got me thinking. There wasn’t many individuals that shared publicly their struggle with lymphedema, what individuals I did see where all female.

I saw a need for a male voice with the inspiration I got from this group I started my Facebook page, then just known as just lymphedema dude at the time. Later I started an Instagram page and now this blog. I look forward to the future and becoming a stronger voice of advocacy.

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